How It Works

Turning consumer location data into insights.

Consumer Opt-In
  • In exchange gift cards and other prizes, consumers opt-in to share their location data with Locately. This can be done either by installing our smartphone app or by enabling location sharing through their carrier.
  • Consumers can earn additional rewards by filling out targeted surveys which capture their thoughts in-the-momement, while they're making purchasing decisions.

Location Analytics and Processing
  • Locately‚Äôs platform securely collects raw location data. This is converted into visited places (stores, restaurants, movie theaters, hiking trails, etc.) and travel paths.
  • Places which consumers drive past and do not stop at are tagged as missed opportunities.
  • Survey responses are segmented using the visit and travel path information, so that each type of shopper can be understood.

Answers to Key Marketing and Consumer Insights Questions
  • Locately's data processing engine combines our Location Analytics output and survey responses along with our extensive repository of past location to produce answers to the most relevant consumer insights questions.
  • The reporting framework generates multidimensional slices of the data to get a full 360 degree picture of how and why consumers make the choices they do.
  • Further exploration is possible using our ad-hoc querying capabilities, using charts and overlays on maps.