Locately - Pioneering the Science of Location Analytics

Locately's proprietary location analytics technology automatically detects store visits, drive-pasts, and path to purchase (the TRUE shopper journey). Leveraging a privacy-aware opt-in model, Locately's algorithms generate brand-relevant inferences about where people go and what they do, creating robust predictions about future behaviors and identifying shopper behavioral trends in real time.

In addition, shoppers receive visit-triggered in-the-moment mobile surveys to understand why they make the choices they do. Survey responses are processed in conjunction with location analytics to understand the true shopper journey across all channels and all retailers of interest.

How it works

Shopper Opt-In

Shoppers opt in to share their location via the Locately smartphone app and to complete in-store visit-triggered mobile surveys. Shoppers receive gift cards and other rewards for their participation.

Location Analytics and Processing

Locately securely captures and processes huge volumes of location data to understand where and how people shop.

Answers to Key Marketing and Consumer Insights Questions

Our client services team provides custom reporting outputs to address key learning objectives.