Locately's Panel

Help cities plan roads and transportation systems. Help stores and restaurants decide where to open new locations. And get rewards for participating!

Locately's Location Panel application allows you to earn gift cards and other rewards by participating in location-based research. After signing up, you will be eligible for studies in your area. If you choose to participate, the Location Panel application will transparently collect your location data, put it together with data from thousands of other people, and use Locately's Location Analytics engine to understand how your city works.

Participation in location studies requires the use of background threads to collect location data. This does cause some additional draw on the phone's battery. While continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life, the app has been optimized to only turn on location services for short periods of time and most users will not see a significant difference in their battery life.

Locately was founded by scientists from MIT and Harvard to use location data to understand the world better. The research you'll be contributing to will be used by stores, restaurants, municipalities, and other organizations to help serve you better.

If you have an iPhone and would like to join our panel, install the app.

If you're using our application and have an issue, email us at: participation@locately.com.