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Locately leverages real-world data from mobile devices to address key business questions around shopper behaviors and habits.

Marketing Effectiveness Measurement
  • How do my promotions and marketing events drive trips to retailers and channels?
  • How do my in-store shopper marketing activations rank versus the competition in terms of driving awareness and impact?
  • How should I fine-tune my marketing tactics to better engage shoppers and ensure that my brands are in their consideration set?

Rapid-Response Early Warning Insights Platform
  • What are the reasons for a sudden drop in sales volume - as reported in real time by shoppers who are actually in the store?
    • Are shoppers failing to notice or find my brand?
    • Is the in-store marketing failing to achieve cut-through?
    • Is there an issue with packaging or placement?
  • Which channels and retailers have the biggest issues with on-shelf availability for my brands and categories?
  • Which of my retailer partners are facing challenges in executing in-store shopper marketing activations?

Trips, Missions, and Paths to Purchase
  • Which other stores/channels do my shoppers visit on the path to purchase?
  • Which stores/channels are complementary?
  • What is the role of online in my categories of interest?
  • Where, when, and why does my shopper walk out empty-handed and what happens next?
  • How are the latest developments in retail and mobile technologies impacting the shopper journey?

Custom Analytics / Add-Ons
  • Unlock SKU-level insights with Locately's in-app barcode scanning functionality
  • Link in-store mobile survey responses with same-day online surveys to invite shopper ideation/exploration around their GPS-validated shopping visits earlier that day

How it works

The Locately team will work with you to identify the key learning objectives and success criteria. We will then create a custom proprietary panel that comprises exactly the shoppers who you are most interested to talk with. We will instruct several hundreds or thousands of these panelists on how to participate, sharing their location data automatically via their mobile phone for a period of 12 months. As part of the opt-in, panelists also agree to complete 'in the moment' surveys sent direct to their mobile device when they visit stores of interest. Locately's approach allows us to link 'where' people go with the 'why' behind panelist decisions and behaviors.

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